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Divorce and family. Our Denver legal experts at Dial4Lawyer.com understand that a divorce can be emotional and overwhelming. Whether you and your spouse are in agreement regarding the process or you are doing battle regarding property and child custody, we know that every step can be painful and confusing. We offer potential clients the opportunity to sit with a divorce … [Read more...]

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Family Law One of the most emotional types of law is family law. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, child custody or property division, Dial4Lawyer.com has the support you need. While Colorado laws address the issues with family law and child custody, they don’t necessarily address each issue very clearly. Even if you are a family member attempting to gain guardianship … [Read more...]

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Criminal Defense Our staff at Dial4Lawyer.com is experienced in criminal law and is prepared to help you protect your rights throughout the court process. A free consultation with a Colorado lawyer can provide you with valuable information about the process you will experience and the likely outcome of the case. Our aggressive Denver criminal defense team will have your back … [Read more...]

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Personal Injury When you are in an accident your entire life can be turned upside down very quickly. At Dial4Lawyer we understand the stresses that you face after an accident in the Denver area and are prepared to protect you rights while we work to get you the compensation that you deserve. With Denver’s Dial4Lawyer.com you will pay nothing for your initial consultation … [Read more...]

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Helping People Like You Since 1989 with cases involving Criminal Defense, DUI, Family Law, Child Custody, Traffic Tickets, Car Wrecks, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Civil Litigation. Call now for Free Consultation with a Lawyer. 303-452-9937 In America and Colorado you are supposed to be Presumed Innocent until Proven Guilty. Unfortunately in America and Colorado's … [Read more...]