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In America and Colorado you are supposed to be Presumed Innocent until Proven Guilty. Unfortunately in America and Colorado’s Court Rooms Jurors all too often consider you Guilty if you are sitting at the Defendant’s Table. They cannot believe that you would be sitting there if you had not have did something wrong. Presumption Trumps Truth. It is very difficult to get beyond this State of Jury Opinion without a hardworking attorney that is experienced in dealing with this natural Jury Bias. Very few people have the foolish courage or experience to represent themselves. Many innocent people sitting in prison have learned that – “A person representing themselves has a fool for a client”. Few Public Defenders have the time or resources to properly represent you and will most often encourage you to take a deal. Your guilt or innocence has little to do with it. Due to heavy case loads and underfunding – Public Defenders can only take 10% of their cases to trial so something’s got to give. It may be you, your family and the tax papers. Just-U$? The owners of the Prisons for Profit laugh all the way to the Bank while innocent people rot in their Can’t Tell Motels. We are privileged to live in a Civilized County. Don’t take it for granted. Nothing lasts forever without eternal vigilance. “Eighty-five percent of the world’s population lives under the thumb of governments willing to use force to keep their people from knowing what is actually going on. The lucky 15 need to understand just how rare this freedom is that we so often take for granted, and remember that liberties not defended will eventually be lost. Remember that fish and Governments rots from within. The defense of liberty matters inside the United States as well as abroad. Published by “The American Interests” on May 4, 2012 2:30 pm

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