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Divorce and family.

Our Denver legal experts at Dial4Lawyer.com understand that a divorce can be emotional and overwhelming. Whether you and your spouse are in agreement regarding the process or you are doing battle regarding property and child custody, we know that every step can be painful and confusing. We offer potential clients the opportunity to sit with a divorce lawyer in Colorado and discuss the case in a free consultation. This is the best way for you to find out what you are up against and get prepared.

There are many things to consider when divorcing and having a lawyer on your side to protect your rights is a must. While you may get along with your soon to be ex-spouse, emotions might make it hard to think about looking after yourself and your finances in the long run. That is our job at Dial4Lawyer.com. Our lawyers have a large amount of experience with many situation types. This enables them to predict what might be coming and prepare you for it.

Some of the legal decisions and issues you will need to address throughout the process include property division, child custody, child support, alimony, division of financial assets and more. You may find it difficult to communicate with your soon to be ex-spouse and we can provide you with the help getting information back and forth through the legal process. If it is necessary, our Denver lawyers are prepared to be aggressive in your case and help you get what you deserve out of the end of your marriage.

Colorado divorce law can be somewhat confusing and vague in many respects. This is especially the case when it comes to child support. Even after the divorce is complete there are instances where you might need the help of a lawyer such as dealing with child support. In the state of Colorado according to C.R.S. 14-10-115 child support ends when the child turns 19. It is often necessary to get a court order so that your employer is aware of this change and stops taking money from you paycheck. It is important to have a lawyer that knows what is necessary to make these changes as quickly as possible.

Whether your marriage lasted a short time or many years, we understand that you need someone to support you through your Colorado divorce process. There is much to be said about having our Dial4Lawyer.com professionals at your side to help you stay on task and get what you need at the end of the day. Meeting with one of our legal minds in a free consultation will provide you with answers to some of the questions you likely have about your divorce. We are in the business of protecting your rights, getting what you deserve and helping to relieve some of the stress you might be feeling.

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